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Establish a connection between your ACT! contacts and QuickBooks records.

Contacts can be linked manually, or in bulk using the auto-link wizard. You can also
have multiple contacts in ACT! linked to the same record in QuickBooks.

View & update QuickBooks customers from within ACT!

When you update a contact record in ACT! you can easily forward these changes to the
linked customer record in QuickBooks with the click of a button, and changes made to
the customer record in QuickBooks will be automatically updated in ACT!

View live QuickBooks customer account information in ACT!

Track key sales metrics and history such as YTD Revenue and Average Sales, pulling real-time data fromQuickBooks.
We don’t believe in running sync processes in the background, slowing your computer and leaving you with old data.
With our link when a customer’s sales data is modified or a sales document is created in either ACT! or QuickBooks
both applications are instantly updated.