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Create new transactions based on past purchases

If your customers always purchase the same items, or just want to order the same as last time, you can easily select the right items
and create a new sales document based on the selection - and because the products list is live you can be sure the new document will
be using the latest pricing.

View a list of all the items a customer has purchased

The item sales history tab lets you monitor all the products a customer has purchased.
The list can be filtered by item name, quantity sold, total value and purchase date.


View QuickBooks stock level information from within ACT!

Stock items are displayed in ACT! and are highlighted when they are low, out or on order for easy reference. Users
can also filter the results based on quantity, and sort the item list view based on any of the column headers.

Set alarms for when stock is low

Users can also set monitoring alarms for when stock reaches its re-order point or
on any other specified quantity. When the alarms are activated users can then
choose to schedule and ACT! activity, set the reminder to appear at a later time,
discontinue stock monitoring or ignore the message.