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Xact Time & Billing integrates with ACT! Contact Manager to offer the complete job management solution and is now included for free in your subscription.

With Time & Billing for ACT! your business can save time, reduce errors and maintain complete control over
all the Time & Billing activities so that nothing goes un-billed.


In many organisations time often slips through un-billed. With Xact’s Time & Billing addon for ACT!
no activity goes unrecorded. Users are prompted to create Time & Billing tickets when scheduling
an activity or they can create billable activities from the Time & Billing tab.


Manage people

Ensure accountability by tracking activities and invoices back to the record manager.

Manage Data

Review, update and complete activities, ensuring the data remains accurate and
up-to-date. You can also exploit the power of ACT! to make the most out of
Time & Billing data. Because the data is in ACT! it is easy to perform detailed
searches to identify open/closed jobs or even jobs by keyword.

Manage products & services

Bill for more than just time. Time & Billing for ACT!’s flexibility
makes it easy to add line items to any Time and Billing ticket.

Manage Time & Billing Tickets

With Xact Time & Billing for ACT! users can print and email Time & Billing tickets using customized templates, and manage the status of Time & Billing Tickets as complete and as "billed". At any time users can also perform a lookup of any billable activity that is incomplete or un-billed.



Convert completed Time & Billing activities into invoices direct from ACT! with the click of a button - eliminating duplication of data and reducing data entry errors. You can also bill for entire projects by merging multiple activities into a single invoice, add Time & Billing tickets to open invoices and assign different billing rates to each Time & Billing ticket.